Terms of services
If you wish to use WordKrowd in any direct or indirect manner, certain terms between you and WordKrowd exists and we'd like to let you know that.

We highly recommend you to read this complete terms before using WordKrowd or any of its services. If you don't agree to this terms in any way then you might consider not using WordKrowd. If you feel there can be changes to our terms of services or if we can make it better in anyway, let us know at feedback@wordkrowd.com and we'll surely consider it to make our services better.
As a Platform
WordKrowd is a platfrom to share original works of literature and we believe that everything you post here is a work of your own unless it is rightly credited or published with due permission. You can post any content that is yours, even which is posted elsewhere but is not restricted by anything of doing so.

You are completely responsible for what you post and we serve just as a platform for your words, we trust you on what you post and hope you maintain this tacit understanding of not posting things that are vulgar, offensive, or anything that your parents wouldn't approve of.

Let us build a platform that everyone will love to be on and nobody likes to see things that are beyond one's view of decency. If we find anything published on WordKrowd that might degrade, defame or in anyway make our site vulnerable to things we don't want it to, we can remove the post or/and suspend the respective user account without prior consent.

We might discontinue or stop any feature or a section of the site for making our services better without prior notice. We are growing and evolving so would love to have your co-operation in whatever we do. We're always listening at hello@wordkrowd.com and tell us your concerns or if you are not happy with something in WordKrowd.
Your privacy matters to us and it is your right to know how we use your information for making our services work. You can read everything regarding privacy of WordKrowd on our Privacy page.
We want to keep ourselves secure so that we can keep you secure as well because you are the nicer part of us and you make us who we are, if you find any vulnerability or security issues or anything that you feel might need our attention, please let us know at feedback@wordkrowd.com and we'll appreciate your contributions in the best way we can.

Security is one of our prime concerns, but as you know Internet is prone to attacks that are sometimes inevitable and we can't help in such situations. We will always do our best to keep you and us secure, but in any such case where we are compromised with, we are not responsible for any effect that it might have. It is a bit unkind, but we will do the best we can to make sure we are always secure and you are too.
Usernames like you know are alloted to those who claim it first. If you don't wish to use a particular username, please change it or delete the account so that others can use it for better purposes.

If you are a brand and you find your registered name being used by an account that is inactive you may let us know and we will try our best to get you the username you prefer. Tell us at hello@wordkrowd.com
Terms can be changed
We can change the terms of services of WordKrowd at anytime and we'll let you know if we feel there is something which you should know. This page of Terms of services will always be updated to the latest version and you can see it anytime for any changes or just general information.
Thanks a lot for your Feedback
We appreciate your time and concern for us, we will get back to you as soon as possible and will definetely work on your feedback to make WordKrowd better.