What is a treasure?
When you treasure something, you like it so much that you want to keep it with you in your treasure box. When you treasure a post, the author who wrote it gets notified of your appreciation.

It is also a nice way to tell the author that you liked his words so much that you are going to treasure it with you.

All your treasured posts can be accessed through the treasure box in your profile. You can visit someone else's treasure box and see what they have treasured and other's can do the same.
How does sharing works?
When you press the share button , it will be shared on our site with your followers. It will surely help the author reach a wider audience with your little generous gesture. Also, good things are meant to be shared.
How can I save posts to read them later?
When you are in the home page and browsing posts, hover on this icon . The min read will change to Read Later then click on it.


When you are reading a post, on the bottom bar click on the read later button
Read Later

It will be saved for you to read it at your convenience.

You can see all your read later posts by clicking on your DP and choosing 'Read Later'.
What is min read?
It tells you how much time in minutes will the post take to read. It is based on estimations of the number of words an average human reads in a minute.

If a post seems too long, you can hover on it and add it to read later.
Can I have other categories than the ones provided by you?
We think we have covered every genre in which we think you can write about in literature. If something doesn't falls under any of the given categories, you can add it to 'Random' or the closest category which you think your post falls under.

You can always suggest us more categories that you think we could add, write us at or simply choose the feedback option by clicking your DP and give your suggestion, we would love to hear from you.
How is the Top Author selected?
We find the best author and give them a shoutout for their amazing literary art
Why do I still receive notifications from WordKrowd even after disabling it and logging out?
The disable button in the settings disables the notifications for that particular device on your account. However, when you log out, this information is no longer there with the browser. Thus, you are still receiving notifications from WordKrowd. However, if you still want to disable these notifications, you can follow the steps given in the below answer.
How to disable the notifications? (Logged out users)
For Desktop:
1. Click on the page/info icon to the left of the address bar.
2. Select the notification settings.
3. Choose to block it.

For Mobile:
1. Go to your Browser settings and select site settings.
2. Select notifications and under the allowed section, tap WordKrowd.
3. Under permissions, tap notifications and then select block.
Thanks a lot for your Feedback
We appreciate your time and concern for us, we will get back to you as soon as possible and will definetely work on your feedback to make WordKrowd better.