WordKrowd is where words come to life. Where writers live their passion and readers binge their hobby.
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To become a worthy platform for writers who put in their precious time and creative effort for the art they love and to reciprocate that by providing maximum impact for their literary works.
We believe that creativity fosters in an environment that lets it foster, and amplifies it. So we wish and work hard to make WordKrowd an environment that brings out the best in writers and also give their readers an enriching experience who enjoy their work and give feedback that make the writers better who in return get good content to read.
To create the best literature place there is, quality of posts matter. Readers should be able to read the best written works and writers must write their hearts out, at a level of creativity gifted with their talent and honed by their hard work. We shall always strive to make sure the quality of writers, readers and content on WordKrowd remains worth everyone's time.
The Team of WordKrowd
Co-founder & Back end developer
Coding is a way of solving problems to him and solving problems is what he loves. Everything that happens behind the scenes that you'll never come to know is done by him. He keeps our heart pumping or the back end working, as you like to read.
Co-founder & Designer
Designing was always a passion and what better than to turn it into a profession. Doing what he loves, all the awesome design that you see through us is done by him. He thinks in pixels and speaks in design.
Co-founder & Front end developer
Writing is love and his favourite means of expressing things. Found new love in coding as it would turn a dream into reality which is WordKrowd, coded what you can see, touch and feel. He makes us what we are to you.
Thanks a lot for your Feedback
We appreciate your time and concern for us, we will get back to you as soon as possible and will definetely work on your feedback to make WordKrowd better.
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